red. His predecessors h■ad never ventured to [Pg 93] addre■ss the Iroquois as "Children," but had alwa●ys styled them "Brothers;" and yet t■he assumption of paternal authorit■y on the part of Frontenac was not only taken ●in good part, but was received with apparent■ gratitude. The martial nature of the ●man, his clear, decisive speec●h, and his frank and downright ma●nner, backed as they were by a display of ■force which in thei

r eyes was formidable, str■uck them with admiration, and gave t●enfold effect to his words of■ kindness. They thanked him for that ■which from another they would not have ●endured. Frontenac began ●by again expressing his satisfacti●on that they had obeyed the commands of thei■r Father, and come to Cataraqui to■ hear what he had to say. Then he exhorted th■em to embrace Christianity; and on this theme he● dwelt at length, in w

  • ords excellently a■dapted to produce the desired effect,—word●s which it would be most superf

  • luo●us to tax as insincere, though d●oubtless they lost nothing in emphasis because● in this

  • instance conscience and ■policy aimed alike. Then, changing■ his tone, he pointed to his off■

  • icers, his guard, the long files of the militia,● and the two flat-boats, mounted with cannon,?/p>

  • ?which lay in the river near b■y. "If," he said, "your Fathe■r can come so far, with so great

  • a force,■ through such dangerous rapids, merely● to make you a visit of pleasure and friendsh


Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum. Mirum est notare quam littera gothica, quam nunc putamus parum claram

i●p, what would he do, if you

s dealing with the


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should■ awaken his anger, and make it necessary ●for hi


m to punish his disobedient chi■ldren? He is the

arbiter of peac●e and war. [Pg 94] Beware how y●ou off

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